Lena Nell

Lena Nell

Chief Editor

I greet you. You've already checked out my personal site, where I share my own impressions about cam sites, which are oriented to local girls. But stop, who I am to talk with you with my absolute honesty, and why should you follow my advice?

I’m Lena Nell, and I’m the chief editor on this platform. As you've already found me, you may know that I’m a professional cam model. But for me, it’s not a profession, and it’s just a part of my life. My hobby is to be correct.

I've fallen in love with sports and traveling, and adult cams helped me earn money for these hobbies. That’s why I’m very experienced in two things. The first of them is how cam sites work. And the second is how to satisfy the dirtiest fantasies.

And nope, I’m not slut. The Cam Modelling is an Art. It’s more honest and expressive than a regular porn movie. I hate regular porn because their actresses must stick unknown cocks inside them without contraception. In the cam world, I create my own performance to my taste.

But the rules of many cams sites are awful. They try to steal my earnings and ban each viewer who is not donating as much as they want. That’s why I collect all the worthy platforms for you.

And they’re not common platforms. The ones I'll tell you on this site are local cams. And it means that you can get an actual date with a chosen girl or boy. But please, it does not mean that they are regular sluts. Of course not, most of them have a life outside of a cam site. So, if they are down, they will answer your date request.

So if you choose not to spend your money on fake porn and ugly girls, you’re welcome. I find all “Alices living next door” at a good rate and without hidden catches. You can check my articles and my own rate of them to make the right choice.

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